Construction Law

We represent general contractors, sub-contractors, owners, architects, engineers, surveyors, sureties, and lenders in our construction law practice.

What We Do

Our firm will assist you in bringing a case or defending against a claim brought by others.

We will help you deal with all legal matters involving commercial and residential building construction, architecture, engineering, employment law, contract and tort law.

Construction Law matters we can assist with:

  • General Contractor Disputes
  • Construction Contracts
  • Subcontractor Disputes
  • Construction Payment Disputes
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Design Defects Disputes
  • Construction Business Contracts
  • Construction Litigation
  • Enforcing collections
  • Lien claims
  • Claims Against a Bond
  • Construction Dispute Resolution
  • Contractor Negligence Disputes
  • Other Construction Related Matters

Construction Law matters we can assist with