How Debtor & Creditors Can Protect Their Assets From Dishonest Clients

Aggressive litigation for lenders

Whether you’re a creditor or a debtor, you hold protected rights under federal and state law. The Law Office of Andrew Szocka helps clients act on those rights and receive the proper justice. We serve clients entwined in a variety of debt-related cases. The lawyers at Andrew Szocka’s law offices have the skill and ability to keep your assets protected and give your case the best outcome possible.

Crystal Lake Lawyers Exercise Creditors’ Rights

Creditors can encounter media criticisms for questionable practices in lending. More often than not, it’s the creditors who are falling victim to deceptive debtors. A lot of debtors avoid repaying legitimate debts in an attempt to “game” the system. Illegal tactics can even be used like fraudulent asset transfers. We can help creditors reinforce their contracts and get fairly compensated.

Once your judgment is entered, our lawyers apply a wide range of post-judgment solutions to allow creditors recover any funds. Such solutions include:

  • Real estate liens ― Oftentimes, a creditor can enforce the selling of a property owned by the debtor to fulfill the judgment.
  • Citations to discover assets ― The creditor making judgments can require a lien on other assets than just real estate. The individual can also conduct a debtor’s examination.
  • Levy — County sheriffs can sell or seize debtor’s of the judgment’s property in order to fulfill any outstanding debts.
  • Garnishments — Creditors can arrest funds that belong to the debtor, but may otherwise be held by a third party.
  • Wage deductions — A creditor has the ability to deduct money off a debtor’s income to meet the judgment.
  • Turnover orders — The debtor will be required to “turn over” non-exempt funds like a debtor’s financial account to the creditor in order to fulfill judgments.

Resolute representation for forthright debtors

Honest debtors shouldn’t suffer from harsh collections actions. They should not fall into the trap of aggressive lender behavior such as those who try to seek confession judgments or force a business into bankruptcy with them.

If a lender with whom you’ve been interacting with has succumbed to threatening the health of your company, The Law Office Of Andrew Szocka is here to assist. We strive to defend businesses having a hard time surviving in a competitive economy with overzealous lenders. Call (815) 242-9153 right away or reach our firm online to schedule an initial review.

***This is not intended to be legal advice and you should consult with an attorney.

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