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You were injured in an auto accident; now what?

As quarantine is coming to an end, the world is slowly returning to its pre-covid era, and  people are beginning to travel once again; hooray! However, now that people are back on the road, auto accidents have seen a drastic increase since previous years. For example, as compared to 2019, Top Driver cited an 11% increase in auto accidents during the first quarter of 2020. Notably, according to the most recent data available, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported that 21% of 319,146 auto accidents resulted in an injured party.

Auto accidents are universally disruptive to our everyday lives. One minute you are driving home from work, and the next you find yourself in an accident due to no fault of your own. Auto accidents involve costly vehicle repairs, finding a new mode of transportation, quarreling with numerous insurance companies, and a host of other time-consuming issues. On top of all that, you may be dealing with lingering injuries sustained from the accident. With these issues coming to a head, you are likely asking yourself when is it time to consult an attorney? There are a few, solid indicators that you can follow to know if now is the right time is to ask for help.

Have you sustained a permanent injury as a result of the accident? Permanent injury issues are something that many people do not contemplate post-loss. We get focused on the, “now,” and forget that this could affect us for sometime in the future. Do not let pride or eagerness to settle with your insurance company hinder you from getting all that you deserve. The right attorney can make sure you are taken care of for your immediate needs as well as help plan for the future.

Are your medical bills starting to climb? We are all guilty of saying that phrase, “it won’t be that bad.” Do not let these famous last words deter you from seeking help. If your medical expenses reach a level that exceeds your level of comfort or understanding, it is in your best interest to ask for help. Remember, the length and intensity of your treatment is based on what is best for you and your health, not what an insurance company is telling you they will pay for.

Do you feel confident and comfortable dealing with an insurance company on your own? The most important thing to do if you are the victim of an accident is to take care of yourself. Insurance claims are something that many people never have to experience in their lives. It is easy to feel lost when it happens to you. There is no shame in asking for help. Finding someone you trust to have on your side while going through this life changing event can be a necessary exposure. The right attorney will fight for your best interest and compensation while making sure that no one takes advantage of you throughout the process.

More drivers on the roads means more opportunity for mistakes. There will never be such a thing as a convenient accident, but if you are involved in one, asking for help can eliminate a large amount of the stress that accompanies it. Your recovery and livelihood are the most important things. If you have any questions or are struggling with the aforementioned issues, local attorney Andrew Szocka provides the necessary legal help to assist you during your time of need. To schedule a free initial consultation, visit the Law Office of Andrew Szocka, P.C. online or call the office at (815) 455-8430.



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